Our Services

Website Rescue

This service is specifically for unfinished projects & new Websites that do not live up your expectations for whatever reason. Self-builds go wrong, 'budget' agencies fail to deliver or go out of business half way through your project. We've seen it all & we can fix it all.

The first step in our process is free of charge. We go through the site section by section & work out a realistic action plan to get the site up to expectations. We'll then make recommendations & give you a fully itemised, fixed price quote for completion of the work as well as an estimated timeline.

Website Health & Security Checks

Have you been getting emails from Google or your web hosting company telling you that there are issues with your Website? That happens from time to time if you haven't done any maintenance on your site. Websites take time & effort to keep them up-to-date, working efficiently & maybe most importantly, secure for you & your customers.

We have a number of tools to diagnose & fix any issues that you Website may have.

Website Management

The best way to make sure that your website & entire online presence is always up-to-date, working efficiently & secure is with regular checks & maintenance. We realise that most of you feel the same way about website maintenance that we feel about doing the accounts. We hire accountants to do our boring stuff, you can hire us, for a very reasonable monthly fee, to make sure that all of your online locations are working for you.

Included in The Management Package

  • Monthly Website Health Checks
  • Software Updates
  • Security Monitoring & Updates
  • Analytics Monitoring with Monthly Reports

Brand New Websites

Our main mission is to make the Web a more beautiful place by fixing up Websites that haven't been given the best start in life. But don't worry, we also do brand new builds if we can squeeze it into our schedule.

Original projects can take a fair bit of time so we can't take on every project that comes our way but get in touch if you have a project that we might be interested in.

FREE! Website Advice

Got a question about something Website or Web related? Hit the chat box in the bottom right & we'll be happy to try and help you out.

We answer questions about anything web including but not restricted to;

Web Hosting
Choosing the right web host for you |
Starting a Website Project
What's a fair price | Is my designer telling the truth
Self Building Platforms

Not For Profit Websites

Email us at [email protected] to get started

The Large Fine Print

Obviously we'd love to help everyone with a good cause but we do have to have some restrictions. To qualify, your organisation must meet the following criteria;

Be registered on the ACNC Charity Register
You must be a registered charity
Have Flexbile Timeframes
We'd love to be able to help everyone straight away but sadly that isn't possible. We aim to complete a minimum of one pro bono project per quarter & operate on a first come first served basis. We'll let you know where you sit in the queue & keep you updated as you progress.
Have Funds to Pay External Costs
We donate our expertise & time. Whilst we make all attempts to use open source software or leverage accounts that we already have, expenses such as domain names, web hosting & premium software or services cannot always be avoided. These costs will need to be covered by you.